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All About WRB

Welcome to WaveRadio Boston! We are a digital radio station headquartered in New England run by people who have been fed up with commercial radio for a long time. Here’s more about who we are, why we’re doing this, what WaveRadio Boston is about, and why you should check us out. 

What We Do

We broadcast music from our website all day, every day. We have live DJs hosting shows throughout the week. We play rock n roll. Whether it’s new or old, heavy or soul, great rock music has a home on WaveRadio Boston. Our show hosts select their own music and guests, so you get a variety of styles and personalities to entertain you. Most of our shows open the lines to take calls and texts from our listeners, keeping the shows interactive and fun. Live shows are produced in the WaveRadio Boston studios, located in Littleton, MA. If you’re interested in hosting a show on WaveRadio Boston, or maybe you want to get your feet wet by co-hosting another show or being a fill-in, email us to start the conversation:

To pay the bills, we sell sponsorships and advertising. If you have a business or event that you would like to hear and see on WaveRadio Boston, send an email to You’ll find that our rates meet the needs of almost any budget.

In addition to the radio station, we have multiple rental spaces  that are suitable for the following types of use:

  • Podcast recordings (includes equipment)
  • Band rehearsals (one-time or recurring)
  • Theater/acting group rehearsals (one-time or recurring)
  • Video shoots
  • Group meetings (no-frills, casual room with space for up to 20 chairs)
  • Workshop classes for painting, crafting, woodworking, etc. (brightly lit work area with room to space out 8-10  students depending on the activity & tools)  

All pricing is based on your individual requirements.  Email us at for more details.

How It Started

Long-time friends Pete Hudson and John Anthony grew up in the Boston area in the late ’70s and 80’s listening to the Godfather of all FM radio stations, WBCN. “The Rock of Boston” pioneered the FM rock radio format.  Every day you heard something new on WBCN, from new types of comedy bits to great local music. 

When John and Pete met in High School, they realized they both had the same dream of being on the radio. In the late 80’s, with no radio station at their High School, they had recorded several “radio shows” on cassette tape to entertain themselves. As it came time to make radio their careers, a seismic change in commercial radio was beginning. While Pete was in his first semester at Emerson College, John and Pete realized that radio stations were becoming more corporate and structured. It looked like all the things that they thought made radio great were going the way of the cassette tape. Dejectedly, they each decided that with radio losing it’s character it was not the career either wanted anymore.  It turns out they were right. Radio became an endless loop of the same songs that were all off the playlist that the corporations who owned both radio stations and music promotion companies created. There was little room for the creative, knowledgeable DJ to be themselves and many left radio. John and Pete had dodged a bullet, but they still had an itch to get behind microphones.

John and Pete almost bought a low-power FM transmitter to start a pirate radio station in the early 90’s. Fortunately for their spotless criminal records, they wisely decided against that. They did tape “radio shows” from time to time as their busy lives allowed. Then came Digital Radio. Now they had the opportunity to do their shows and put them out there. As Pete said “We’re doing this to entertain ourselves. If anyone actually listens and enjoys it that’s great, but we’re just doing what we’ve always wanted to do.” John added “We’re just a couple of reasonably normal guys doing radio like we enjoyed so much growing up. We’re doing bits, playing music you probably haven’t heard for a long time, and generally having fun.” 

Join The Real Radio Revolution


Why should I listen to you guys? Why shouldn’t you?  Chances are you’ve been listening to the same lame FM station or collection of CD’s for years now.  Why did you listen to radio before?  The music you love?  Being introduced to new music by knowledgeable hosts?  The shows made you laugh or think, and sometimes both?  Calling in and requesting your favorite songs?  Guess what?  We’ve got all of that!  And more!  This is your revolution if you want it.  All you have to do is jump on the Wave! 

Big Wave Dave says, "I get it now! WRB ROCKS!".


Thank you and congratulations for making it this far! Now here’s what you can do to be part of The Real Radio Revolution!


24 hours a day you can listen to our catalog of hand-picked great rock and roll. Play the radio stream right from our Homepage. NO APP REQUIRED!


Chat us up!! A recommendation from a friend is a little better than spam! Share our website and social media posts to help spread the word. Let's take our radio back!


We are an interactive radio station that thrives on input from our listeners. Call or text in to talk with guests, win a contest, tell a joke, or just say "Wassup". Like us on Facebook @WaveRadioBostonRocks to join in on polls, conversations and more!
Listener line 617-829-9283 (WAVE)
Text line 617-764-9283 (WAVE)


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