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About Us

Welcome to WaveRadio Boston! We are a digital radio station based in New England run by people who have been fed up with commercial radio for a long time. Here’s more about who we are, why we’re doing this, what WaveRadio Boston is about, and why you should check us out.  Long-time friends Pete Hudson and John Anthony grew up in the Boston area in the late ’70s and 80’s listening to the Godfather of all FM radio stations, WBCN. “The Rock of Boston” pioneered the FM rock radio format. Charles Laquidara, an overnight DJ on WBCN, moved to mornings and created a new comedy driven format that, although mostly bastardized, is still being used today. Every day you heard something new on WBCN, from new types of comedy bits to great local music. John and Pete were inspired by all this and wanted to get on the radio to have fun and entertain.
When John and Pete met in High School, they realized they both had the same dream of being on the radio. In the late 80’s, with no radio station at their High School, they had recorded several “radio shows” on cassette tape to entertain themselves. As it came time to make radio their careers, a seismic change in commercial radio was beginning. While Pete was in his first semester at Emerson College, John and Pete realized that radio stations were becoming more corporate and structured. It looked like all the things that they thought made radio great were going the way of the cassette tape. Dejectedly, they each decided that with radio losing it’s character it was not the career either wanted anymore. Pete left Emerson and they both took different career paths. It turns out they were right. Radio became an endless loop of the same songs that were all off the playlist that the corporations who owned both radio stations and music promotion companies created. There was little room for the creative, knowledgeable DJ to be themselves and many left radio. John and Pete dodged a bullet, but they still had an itch to get behind microphones.
So what is WaveRadio Boston?  John and Pete almost bought a low-power FM transmitter to start a pirate radio station in the early 90’s. Fortunately for their spotless criminal records, they wisely decided against that. They did tape “radio shows” from time to time as their busy lives allowed. Then came Digital Radio. Now they have the opportunity to do their shows and put them out there. As Pete said “We’re doing this to entertain ourselves. If anyone actually listens and enjoys it that’s great, but we’re just doing what we’ve always wanted to do.” John added “We’re just a couple of reasonably normal guys doing radio like we enjoyed so much growing up. We’re doing bits, playing music you probably haven’t heard for a long time, and generally having fun.” 
Why should I listen to you guys? “I’m not sure anyone should be listening to us.” John quipped. He quickly added “Seriously, we think all ages could get something out of WaveRadio Boston. We think that people our age will enjoy the style of what we do as well as hearing some music that they grew up with that radio stations just don’t play anymore. We also think open minded younger listeners might enjoy radio that is different than what they hear today and maybe discover some older, more obscure music from decades ago that they like.” Pete added “Either way, we’re putting it out there for you, so at least give us a listen. You might just like it. We’ve even got phone lines set up when we’re on the air so you can call in and speak your mind.”
OK, maybe I’ll listen. What do I need to know?  We broadcast music all day, every day and have live DJs throughout the week, so check our “Show Info” page for details. Also, you should like our Facebook page and follow us on Instagram and Twitter for more fun and updates about WaveRadio Boston. Thanks for your interest and let us know if you enjoy WaveRadio Boston – Internet Radio For The Cassette Generation!