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Welcome to The Real Radio Revolution! We hope you enjoy our hand-picked catalog of music  and our radio shows hosted by live DJs throughout the week. Call or text in to join in on the fun! It’s radio the way it used to be, right here, right now on <Scroll down to learn more about each show>
Interested in having your own show on WaveRadio Boston? Email us at [email protected]
Show Schedule
“Double Click Radio with Eddy Dyer” –  
“Harmonic Headspace” is a cerebral, intelligent, deep dive into the music that has built musical generations… or is about to. From Jazz to Funk to Rock to Hip Hop, Gen X was exposed to and seeped in a huge mix of great music. Check us out to hear local and global artists, industry insiders, and other interesting musical people. Astro and Prosty host from 9-11PM ET on Sunday nights.
“Bottoms UP: Appetite for Discussion”  – Complete with in-studio guests and live music, we rock it loud and roll it proud, making no apologies while throwing caution to the wind every chance we get! Forget about shaking the rafters, we aim straight for the stratosphere! Hosted Ashley every Monday night @ 7 PM ET.
“Hal Holiday’s Rock N Food Revue” – This weekly music, food, and beer “revue” show features all the goodness that New England has to offer, brought to you by Entertainer and Chef Paul Dubuque (aka Hal Holiday) and his co-host Kim Mello (aka Mama Kim).
“Live From the Fallout Shelter”  Join Corbin and Scout for a wide variety of music genres, including old, new, and all the in-betweeners. It’s like nothing you will hear on regular FM radio and features an eclectic mix to keep most anyone entertained.
The “Who.iAm Radio Show” is hosted by Lacy143, a local musician who is a friend and fan of other local musical artists. Each week Lacy invites a local band or artist to the WRB studio to be the focus of the show. Lacy says, “We all just want to have fun talking and listening to their music! My guests are my friends, I chat with them and unearth who they are (like only friends can). Unscripted and always kind, you can expect to empower your own heart and soul. Lacy143 is all about finding you awesome people who make great music. Tune in to remember that music is about emotions and feeling wrapped in sound.” Lacy hosts from 5-6PM ET on Thursdays.
“The First Wave”  Pete Hudson, John Anthony, & Becka Lee bring you the best national and local rock along with live music from our studios!
“Rick’s Rock Shop” – Fridays 4-6pm
“The TakeOver” – Your weekly round of everything hard rock and heavy metal is here!
Join The Big Boss, Radio’s Rebel, Mike Lachance, every Friday, 7pm et to Relive the days of headbangers ball with some old school hell raising and Rock n Roll!
Find out who the Mystery Band of the week is.
Get your 2nd wind with a block of songs from the LOUDER side of metal.
The world famous Live set from some of the best artists and icons of rock to ever play live.
And the weekly B-Side, featuring the worlds best up and coming hard rock bands! The TakeOver is NOW!
Fridays 7-9pm
“Promo Saturday” – We reserved Saturday’s for special events and sponsor broadcasting. Contact us for more info: [email protected]

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